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IDC White Paper: ‘Information Digital Transformation in Manufacturing’

Information is now the main force behind innovation. Your competitors are investing in data processes to drive their products forward. So how will you stay ahead?

Digital transformation is driving both high tech and traditional manufacturers to consider how to transform the sharing and management of information around products, services, and relationships. With the global nature of supply chains, manufacturers increasingly need to facilitate content collaboration both internally and outside the firewall with suppliers, partners, and customers.

This IDC Manufacturing Insights white paper, 'Information Digital Transformation in Manufacturing’, sponsored by Alfresco, examines the top drivers of digital transformation for manufacturers, including:

  • the rise of customer centricity,
  • the desire to improve product quality,
  • the urgency for product innovation,
  • the demand for faster response to market opportunities.

Download this white paper to assess how well your organization is keeping pace with the new trends.

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