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What's New

Product Updates for November Launch

As an open, modular platform, Alfresco has many components. With regular releases, it can be hard to stay on top of what’s new. This page will provide a summary of key product updates across the platform and links for easy access to the detail.

Alfresco Content Services Highlights

Alfresco Content Services 6.1 provides a cloud-native architecture, with service modularization and new containerized deployment options:

  • Easy deployment and elasticity with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) - this makes it easy for customers to move fast, deploy efficiently, and operate securely at an unprecedented scale
  • Scalable content transformation service - now lives in its own Docker container so can be horizontally scaled to meet the most demanding use cases such as large volume content migration


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The New Alfresco Digital Workspace (ADW)

This new, intuitive out-of-the-box experience from Alfresco accelerates adoption by optimizing for the most common tasks associated with file management.   Built on the Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF), it can be easily extended to craft custom, fit-for-purpose solutions.

  • Safely inject your custom controls, viewer components, pages and plug-ins without upgrade concerns
  • Take advantage of open source community developed add-ons
  • Powered by ADF, watch the demo video

Alfresco Content Connector for Amazon Glacier

The Alfresco Content Connector for Amazon Glacier allows customers to leverage the leading storage service for infrequently accessed data. Clients can dramatically reduce their storage costs compared to on-premises solutions and still get the security features to meet regulatory and compliance archiving requirements. Furthermore, customers can leverage other Alfresco services to:

  • Programmatically manage lifecycle of content, e.g. based on age, version number or the frequency of access
  • Manage information lifecycle based on Governance Services rules + metadata + Artificial Intelligence
  • Reduce your storage costs by up to 70% compared to on-premises storage solutions - Amazon charges $0.004 per gigabyte per month for content on Amazon Glacier (pricing information is available)


Application Development Framework Highlights

New releases of ADF bringing new features, improvements and bug fixes are delivered on a monthly cadence. Here are some recent highlights: Over 150+ Angular components — e.g. content metadata, advanced search, dynamic start process, file sharing, version manager, content permissions, etc.

  • Angular 6 and Material 6 support
  • Improved search experience
  • Native support for OpenID Connect and OAuth2 implicit flows

ADF 2.6 release notes

ADF 2.5 release notes

ADF 2.4 release notes

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