One of the most important services provided as part of an Alfresco One subscription is ongoing maintenance for the Alfresco One. As part of the Alfresco One subscription customers get:


All Alfresco One subscription customers are entitled to the latest version of Alfresco One. Alfresco will continue to develop and release new versions of Alfresco One. Subscription customers can upgrade to the latest version and leverage any of the new features that it contains.


Alfresco Engineering will issue Service Packs (or updates) to fix specific issues. Alfresco One subscription customers will have access to these updates to ensure that they can maximise the reliability and uptime of their installation.

Hot Fix

If the severity of a problem is deemed to be critical and a work around cannot be found then Alfresco Engineering may issue a temporary 'hot fix' to resolve a customer's issue. These are typically rolled into the next maintenance release providing ongoing support for customers.

Back Porting

It may not always be possible for a customer to upgrade to the latest version as quickly as they would like. In this case Alfresco Engineering will back port a fix into older versions of Alfresco One.

Alfresco Engineers provide a valuable service to subscription customers - not only providing them with new versions that have more functionality but also monitoring and fixing issues as they arise.