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Alfresco Content Services

Which version is right for me?

Alfresco Content Services

Enterprise-class full featured ECM for Production Environments

Alfresco Community Edition

ECM for Developers & Tech Enthusiasts

Detailed feature comparison

Core Capabilities
Alfresco Content Services
Alfresco Community Edition
Robust content repository — A standards compliant repository that supports a wide range of feature
Productive team collaboration interface — Alfresco Share offers a user friendly interface for managing your content
Productivity app integration (including Microsoft Office and Google Docs)
Smart Folders — Show content based on metadata (not where it is stored). Add metadata just by adding a file to a Smart Folder.
Add-ons — Ability to download and install additional community driven extensions
Easy integration and extension — Create custom content models and bespoke workflows, or easily extend with RESTAPI’s and the Application Development Framework
Additional security capabilities — Content encryption at rest and encrypted repository configuration properties
Clustering for high availability — Simple UI based configuration of clustering
Storage Policies — Ability to define multiple content stores based on content life cycle requirements
Advanced administration console — Simple configuration and management of Alfresco sub-system and clustering with reduced restart requirements
Rigorously tested and certified against multiple OS, database and application servers (including Oracle and Microsoft SQL)
AWS QuickStart — Easy, supported and maintained best-practise AWS instance of Alfresco which can be deployed in just a few simple clicks
Support for additional Alfresco modules (see section below for modules which can be added)
Standardised Single Sign-on via SAML
Alfresco Content Services
Alfresco Community Edition
Alfresco Desktop sync for Windows — Sync alfresco content to your windows desktop for offline access.
Mobile device content encryption
Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android — Alfresco Mobile apps for iOS and Android (including SDKs)
Alfresco Content Services
Alfresco Community Edition
Prioritized security patches and hotfix updates, with defect escalation process and long term Service Pack releases
24/7 Severity 1 support
Consulting and professional services available from Alfresco and certified partners
Optional Alfresco Modules
Alfresco Content Services
Alfresco Community Edition
Alfresco Content Connector for Salesforce — Easily access Alfresco content within
Alfresco Outlook Integration — Allows direct search, access and uploading of email content
Alfresco Analytics — Drive insight from content usage and optimise processes.
Alfresco Connectors for Amazon S3 and EMC Centera.
Alfresco Document Transformation Engine — Offering performance enhancements and improved page fidelity for online viewing
Alfresco Media Transformation Engine — For local video transcoding and image rendition creation
Alfresco Index Engine — Search services clustering including Solr sharding for performance, scalability and high-availability
DOD 5015.02 Certified Records Management — Certified RM with security marks and classified content management (additional details below).
Integrate the full power of Alfresco Process Services
Information Governance
Alfresco Content Services
Alfresco Community Edition
Formal Records Management — Core Records Management capabilities
DOD 5015.02 certified Records Management — mandated for any US DOD organisation working with Federal records
Security Marks — Control access to content based on marks applied to content and possessed by users
Classified Content and Records — Set classification levels and lifecycle, including defining security levels for users for an extra layer of security granularity over generic UCL’s.