Transforming the Insurance Customer Journey

At a time when innovation is the only insurance against disruption, Alfresco has you covered.

Alfresco is a proven partner to insurers that want to reimagine the customer experience and embrace new ways of working. The Alfresco Platform automates and accelerates the flow of information across the insurance business chain. By digitizing document-driven processes with Alfresco, insurers can transform transactions along the entire customer journey—from application submittal, through underwriting and claims, to ongoing communications with policyholders.

The Alfresco Platform is uniquely open and flexible for rapid solution delivery and exceptional time to value. It integrates easily with core insurance systems to provide a bridge to a more digital and innovative future. Insurers of any size, in any market, can modernize customer engagement, optimize operational efficiency and gain a lasting advantage in today’s ever-changing, intensely competitive environment.

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