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Webinar: Platform Disruption

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Sangeet Paul Choudary & Pitney Bowes

Join us to hear from leaders in the industry will speak to the structural inefficiencies that exist along all organizations that allow platforms to create alternate business models making them true disrupters within the market. Pitney Bowes will speak to how they have leveraged Alfresco to drive their digital transformation initiatives and how to they have embraced design and platform thinking to accelerate time to value with their chosen technology stack. 

Register now! This webinar on April 19th at 11am EST to learn:

  • How to evolve by adopting new platform enabled business models that work in a digital world
  • How to invite and leverage third parties to engage and innovate on platforms
  • How platform thinking is impacting how companies determine their approach to digital transformation

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Sangeet Paul Choudary
Executive Advisor and International Best-Selling Author
Sydney Sloan
Chief Marketing Officer at Alfresco