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Your Questions Answered about Alfresco Content Services 6.1

Date: December 10, 2018
Author: John Knowles
Category:Power of the Platform

Our recent product release webinar showcased the new enhancements we've made to Alfresco Content Services. From the new Digital Workspace UI; to making the most of AWS with cost effective long-term storage using Amazon Glacier; to containerized deployment through Amazon EKS, the webinar explained what’s new and included live demos.

There were lots of great questions during the session, but we didn’t have time time to answer them all. As such, we put together a Q&A to answer your questions directly.  We’ll be updating this post with more questions/answers and information about other new product enhancements such as support for AWS Glacier and Amazon EKS on a rolling basis.  

Please add additional questions in the comments section of this post, and we'll answer them as soon as possible.


Alfresco 6.1: Product Q&A

Can you highlight the difference between Alfresco Digital Workspace and the Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) Sample Content App?

The Alfresco Digital Workspace app will be fully supported by Alfresco's support engineers.

The sample Content App was the foundation for creating the Alfresco Digital Workspace. In the future, Alfresco will create enterprise only capabilities by utilising the ADF extension framework. These will be compiled into the Alfresco Digital Workspace and included in the released artefacts we provide.

Is the new UI built with accessibility in mind?

Yes, accessibility around color contrasts and general usability are an important aspect to this application. In 2019, a full review will be conducted with a view to publishing a VPAT.


Can you share more about how to start a React application for UI?

You can start building your own Javascript-based solution on top of the Alfresco JS-API. At the following link, you can find a tutorial that explains how to create your Alfresco JavaScript application from scratch.

We recommend utilizing the Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) as it provides significantly faster time-to-value. Through ADF, we provide a huge number of components with Alfresco business logic already taken care of; whereas going at it with React will be time consuming because you will be starting from scratch.  

Is the new out-of-the-box front-end served to the user browser from the NodeJS server?

The application is created with the Alfresco ADF, and therefore in Angular which is 100% client-side. To run the application, a simple web server is required. For example, NGINX, which can even be deployed into an AWS S3 storage bucket.


Is Alfresco Share still shipping out-of-the-box in 6.1?

Yes, Alfresco Share is shipping with Alfresco Content Services 6.1 via Deployment Docker File and Helm Charts.


When upgrading an existing on-prem instance, will Share views be automatically converted to Alfresco Digital Workspace?

No, the technologies are very different and it is not feasible to convert Alfresco Share views into ADF.

Is it possible to edit documents from the Digital Workspace, in the same way you can use the Edit Online or the Edit function from Share?

Editing Online (via AOS) and Edit Offline are scheduled for development into future versions of the application in 2019.


We saw from your demo that we can share a file for collaboration purposes.  Do you have a plan to share folders for collaboration to external users (via email/phone)?

The current roadmap does not include folder sharing, however, partner products such asLoftux Sharebox provide external folder sharing capabilities for Alfresco Content Services.


Is the security model changing between Share and Alfresco Digital Workspace?

No, this application is built on the Public REST APIs and adheres to all security/permissions already set in the repository.


Do you have plans to introduce process related components (APS) to the Workspace app or provide another ADF based app on top of APS?

There is an ADF based application called the Process Workspace for Alfresco Process Services customers, which can be obtained from the Customer Support Portal. In 2019, work on an APS extension for the Alfresco Digital Workspace will also be explored, and we will be recruiting some customers to provide guidance and early feedback. Please get in contact if you are interested!

Please continue asking your questions and our product experts will address them here as soon as possible.


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