Alfresco Product Support Status

This table describes the current support status for Alfresco products, versions and components. For definitions of support states and transitions, please visit the Product Support Lifecycle page in the Support Handbook.



ProductSupport StatusFirst ReleaseDeprecationEnd of Maintenance
Alfresco Content Services 6.0Full SupportJuly 2018July 2020 *July 2021 *
Alfresco Content Services 5.2Full SupportFebruary 2017February 2020 *February 2021 *
Alfresco Version 5.1Limited Support4th Mar 2016June 2018March 2019
Alfresco Version 5.0Limited Support3rd Dec 2014December 2017December 2018
Alfresco Version 4.2
(Latest Service Pack only)
Limited Support29th Oct 2013June 2018May 2019 *
Alfresco Process Services 1.9Full Support13th Jun 2018June 2020 *June 2021 *
Alfresco Process Services 1.8Full SupportFebruary 2018February 2020 *February 2021 *
Alfresco Process Services 1.7Full SupportOctober 2017October 2019 *October 2020 *
Alfresco Process Services 1.6Full SupportMarch 2017March 2019 *March 2020 *
Alfresco Activiti 1.5Full Support31st Aug 2016August 2018August 2019
Alfresco Activiti 1.4Full Support17th Dec 2015August 2018August 2019
Alfresco Activiti 1.3Full Support31st Jul 2015August 2018August 2019
Alfresco Activiti 1.2Limited Support9th Apr 2015December 2017December 2018
Alfresco Activiti 1.1Limited Support5th Feb 2015December 2017December 2018
Alfresco Activiti 1.0Limited Support27th Nov 2014December 2017December 2018
Alfresco Workdesk v4.2Limited Support8th Jul 20141st Jul 2014June 2019
* Dates marked are the earliest possible dates for Deprecation/End of Maintenance. The actual Deprecation/EoM dates may be later, but will not be earlier than the date specified.
** Versions marked are the current latest version. Future versions may also be supported.
Modules/ Add-ons/ ComponentsSupport StatusFirst version released with:Last version released with:End of Maintenance
Alfresco SAML SSO v1.1Full Support6.06.0July 2021 *
Alfresco SAML SSO v1.0Full Support5.0.35.2February 2020 *
Alfresco Content Connector 2.1 for SalesforceFull Support6.06.0 **July 2021 *
Alfresco Content Connector 2.0 for SalesforceFull Support31st Dec 20165.2February 2020 *
Alfresco Content Connector 1.xKB SupportCloud Only February 2021
Alfresco Content Connector for AWS S3 2.2Full Support6.06.0 **July 2021 *
Alfresco Content Connector for AWS S3 2.0Full Support5.15.2February 2020 *
Alfresco Insight Engine 1.0Full Support6.06.0July 2021 *
Alfresco Search Services 1.1Full Support5.26.0 **July 2021 *
Alfresco Search Services 1.0Full Support5.25.2February 2020 *
Alfresco Sync Service 3.0Full Support6.06.0 **July 2021 *
Alfresco Sync Service 2.2Full Support5. 2020 *
Alfresco Sync Service 2.1Full Support5. & 5.2.1February 2020 *
S3 Connector 1.3Full Support4.2.45.2February 2020 **
Google Docs 3.1Full Support6.06.0 **July 2021 *
Google Docs 3.0Full Support4.2.05.2February 2020 *
jBPMLimited Support35.1.2March 2019
Kofax Integration 2.0Full Support3.3.55.2February 2020 *
LuceneLimited Support34.2May 2019 *
NFS ProtocolLimited Support35.0December 2018 *
Governance Services v2.7Full Support5.25.2February 2020 *
Governance Services v2.6Full Support5.1.15.2February 2020 *
Records Management v2.5Full Support5.2.15.2February 2020 *
Records Management v2.4Limited Support5. 2019
Records Management v2.3Limited Support55.0.4December 2018 *
Records Management v2.2Limited Support4. 2019 *
Web Quick StartFull Support3.4.05.2February 2020 *
Centera Connector 2.2Full Support6.06.0 **July 2021 **
Centera Connector 2.1Full Support5.1.05.2February 2020 *
Centera Connector 1.0Limited Support4. 2019
Alfresco SDK 3.0Full Support5.25.2February 2020
Alfresco SDK 2.2Limited Support5.15.1.2March 2019
Alfresco SDK 2.1Limited Support5. 2018 *
Alfresco SDK 2.0Limited Support5.05.0December 2018 *
Alfresco SDK 1.1.1Limited Support4.24.2.8May 2019 *
All items currently EOM    
Alfresco Version 4.xKB Support31st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014June 2018
Alfresco Team v3.5KB Support20th Jun 201131st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014
Alfresco Benchmark v1.x (Unisys)KB Support8th Jan 200831st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014
Alfresco SDK 1.1.0KB Support6th Nov 2013n/a15th May 2015
Alfresco Workdesk v4.1KB Support27th Jul 20131st Jul 20141st Jul 2015
AVMKB Support25th Sep 200731st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014
Blog PublishingKB Support17th Dec 2008n/a3rd Dec 2014
(Alfresco Content Management Web Services)
KB Support28th Oct 200517th Dec 20093rd Dec 2014
Explorer UIKB Support28th Oct 200531st Oct 20083rd Dec 2014
Facebook ConnectorKB Support5th Sep 200717th Dec 200931st Jan 2012
Flex SDKKB Support15th Apr 2008n/a3rd Dec 2014
Forms Development KitKB Support31st Mar 2010n/a3rd Dec 2014
Google Docs v2.x
Google Docs v2.x was forced directly into KB support due to backwards incompatible changes in the Google Drive APIs
KB Support1st Nov 201320th Apr 201520th Apr 2015
Google Docs v1.xKB Support27th May 20101st Nov 20133rd Dec 2014
Google GadgetsKB Support16th Nov 20071st Nov 20133rd Dec 2014
Hyperic PluginKB Support31st Mar 200931st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014
Java SDKKB Support12th July 200531st Oct 20083rd Dec 2014
JCR & JCR-RMIKB Support31st Jan 200617th Dec 20093rd Dec 2014
Jive ToolkitKB Support13th Dec 201131st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014
KB Sample AppKB Support12th Jul 2005n/a3rd Dec 2014
Liferay PortletsKB Support10th Aug 2010n/a3rd Dec 2014
Office Add-onKB Support5th Sep 200717th Dec 200931st Jan 2012
PHP SDK / MediaWiki IntegrationKB Support5th Sep 200717th Dec 200931st Jan 2012
Quickr ConnectorKB Support27th May 201031st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014
Records Management v2.1KB Support4.24.2.1May 2018
Records Management v2.0KB Support4. 2018
Records Management v1.xKB Support15th Feb 2010n/a3rd Dec 2014
Social PublishingKB Support2nd Feb 2012n/a3rd Dec 2014
S3 Connector 1.2KB Support4. 2018
S3 Connector 1.1KB Support4. 2018
S3 Connector 1.0KB Support4. 2017
URL Addressability APIKB Support12th Jul 200517th Dec 20093rd Dec 2014
Web Framework SamplesKB Supportn/an/a3rd Dec 2014
XAM ConnectorKB Support21st Jan 201131st Jul 201330th Nov 2014
Alfresco 3.4 and 4.0 CMIS endpointsKB Support17th Dec 20091st Nov 20133rd Dec 2014
Alfresco Version 3.4.14KB Support21st Jan 20113rd Dec 201431 Oct 2017
Alfresco Version 3.x (excluding 3.4.14)KB Support31st Oct 200831st Jan 20123rd Dec 2014
Alfresco Version 2.2KB Support17th Apr 200831st Oct 20083rd Dec 2014
Alfresco Version 2.1KB Support5th Sep 200717th Apr 200831st Oct 2008
Alfresco Version 2.0KB Support27th Feb 20075th Sep 200717th Apr 2008
Alfresco Version 1.xKB Support12th Jul 200527th Feb 20075th Sep 2007
Alfresco Analytics v1.0KB Support5.05.2May 2018