Alfresco Developer Support Services

At Alfresco, we are dedicated to customer success and delivering outstanding results and business value throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Developer Support is one of a suite of Customer Support Services, and provides the expertise required to help developers achieve success with the Alfresco platform.

This service offering provides direct support from Alfresco experts for projects at the development stage and for your customizations in production – ensuring custom development by our partners and customers delivers high quality, high longevity, low risk and robust solutions.

Alfresco Developer Support

Developer Support is a subscription-based support offering delivered remotely by a dedicated team of development-focused, senior Support Engineers. This support offering is best for customers and partners that require on-going support for their development teams and customized code.

Unlimited cases can be raised via the Customer Support Portal and will be managed through a separate Development Support Queue, with a 1-business day SLT for initial response. At this time, there is no SLT offered for case resolution.

Developer Support Offering Scope

Alfresco’s Developer Support Engineers can help with the following:

  • Support in helping you to map business requirements into design leveraging Alfresco APIs
  • Guidance on how to customize Alfresco Content Services, Alfresco Process Services (powered by Activiti), Alfresco Governance Services, Alfresco One and Share
  • Activities involving SDK, developer environment & productivity environments
  • Public API usage & best practices, including code samples
  • Guidance on automation of product installation, deployment and application lifecycle management
  • Review and recommendations on new or existing customizations and integrations
  • Troubleshooting assistance on existing customizations

The Developer Support subscription is available for 6 months, 1 year or multi-year terms with no case volume restriction for 2 enabled customer contacts.


"Developer Support is awesome. The Support Engineer gives me an example and all the information I need to read more as needed. Through their guidance I am able to achieve what I need. DEVELOPER SUPPORT IS VERY VALUABLE!” 

— Clark County Nevada, Department of Air Quality

Customer Support Services Comparison

Activity Starter / Business / Enterprise Developer Support Premier Services Consulting Services
Will you troubleshoot my custom code for me?    
Will you facilitate provisioning of product code level fixes if encountered?
Will you own technical design of my custom code for me?      
Will you build my customization for me from scratch?      
Will you help me understand how to use your public API?  
Will you recommend best practices for extending Alfresco?  
Will you join our project kick-off meeting?  
Will you help me map our requirements to best practice implementation directives?  
Will you help me troubleshoot my Alfresco APIs usage if I provide a simple test case?
Do you provide SLO on response and engagement time?  
Will you own the delivery of an Alfresco project?      
Will you come on site?    
Will you administer my Alfresco instance?      
Will you work with DBA and Sysadmin to improve performance my Alfresco instance?