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What to Expect from This Guide

Content is the currency that moves business. So much of the knowledge and data that drives an enterprise is stored in files and documents—everything from product roadmaps and engineering specs to marketing plans, customer contracts and financial projections. Enterprise content management (ECM) systems have played a vital role in managing this content, but these first-generation systems, built on 20+ year old technologies are being left behind, as new content management needs emerge.


We believe a combination of these 7 habits can transform how you manage content, allowing business to flow faster, and for people to do and share great work. Through this experience, we’ll equip you with expert tips, actionable insights and real-world examples to help put you on a path of content management excellence.


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Prioritize User Experience

Poor UX has resulted in low user adoption of legacy ECM systems. Putting customers, co-workers or partners at the center of the content management design process ensures that you’re addressing the right problem.


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Take a Content Services Approach

The future of content management is a set of small, modular content services that you can embed into applications. Thinking about the content services required to enable these experiences results in rapid solution delivery, and the flexibility to evolve your business.


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Embrace Open Technologies

User and business needs change, so why should you be locked into proprietary systems that restrict your ability to innovate? With open thinking, the use of open technologies, APIs and the cloud, you can integrate content into the systems, processes and experiences with a high level of agility.


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Embrace a Cloud Architecture

Your content services need to take advantage of cloud-native technologies to truly leverage the power of the cloud. Practical guidance to drive your cloud-based content strategy will get you started on a journey towards agility and lower total cost of ownership.


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Integrate Content and Process

Process and content are two sides of the same coin. Actionable insights will help you establish how and when to connect process and content to drive user experiences that deliver seamless information flows to advance digital transformation.


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Leverage the Data in Content

Harnessing unstructured data makes it easy to find and automatically surface content at the right time to support business processes. Combine that with cloud AI services and your content can become a source of competitive advantage.


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Build in Information Governance

Robust information governance is an essential part of doing business but it is often an afterthought. By building-in governance and leveraging automation, you can reduce business risk, avoid fines and protect your company’s reputation.


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